Hang-AR System is manufactured by Aesir Manufacturing, a Woman-Owned and family operated company with headquarters in Seminole, Florida. Aesir is a manufacturing and R&D facility that provides private labelling as well as various other services, including rapid prototyping and small scale outsourced production offering CNC machining, 3D printing, laser engraving, and more. Aesir is dedicated to propelling the firearms industry forward by empowering the American consumers in responsible, well-trained and well-equipped gun ownership.



Aesir is passionate about supporting the rights of all free citizens to protect their life, liberty and property at home and outdoors. We believe that responsible and well-trained gun owners are essential to a free society and that our mission as a part of the firearms community is to provide innovative solutions that support them in their everyday lives.

Through only providing products that are tested and tried as being best in class, we enhance the experience of today’s outdoor adventurers, be they campers, hikers, hunters, collectors, or shooting sports enthusiasts; providing better options for safety, security, function and aesthetics.

10530 72nd St., Ste 705 Seminole, FL 33777