instructions And Usage

Hang-AR Upper Mount for AR 15 or AR 10


1 x AR Upper Mount

2 x Locking Pins

1 x Mounting Peg

1 x Standard Wall Screw

1 x Drywall Anchor

Note: Standard screw and anchor are provided for your convenience, however you should use your own best judgement as to appropriate installation method depending on the structure of your wall. For example, wood or concrete walls will require alternate screws.

  1. For drywall walls, install the Drywall Anchor by screwing it into desired location on wall using a screwdriver.
  2. Insert Screw through middle of Mounting Peg and tighten screw into anchor to securely affix the Mounting Peg to the wall.
  3. Install the Upper Mount onto the underside of the AR upper. Using the appropriate Upper Mount (AR10 or AR 15), place the mount over the pivot and takedown pin holes in the upper (per the indicated picture).
  4. Now insert the Locking Pins through the Upper Mount and AR upper. Tighten the locking pins by turning them to the right until fully screwed in. (Note that the AR-10 Upper Mount has a longer Mounting Pin for the pivot lug.)
  5. The AR upper can now be hung on the wall by lining up the hole in Upper Mount with the Mounting Peg and pressing the Upper Mount over the peg until it’s against the wall. Slide the AR upper down the wall slightly to lock the upper onto the peg.

Mag Mount

  1. To hang your Mag Mount on a metal surface (such as side of safe), maintain a firm grasp on mag mount and slowly place it on the surface.
  2. To reposition the Mag Mount or to remove it, use the Hang-AR Upper Mount as a lever to remove the Mag Mount from the surface and reposition as desired (per picture). 

Mag Mounts have been tested and approved to hold uppers with a total weight of up to 20lbs on the side of a standard safe. Uppers above 20lbs are not recommended for use with the Mag Mount. Note that the thickness of the metal to which you apply magnets will impact the holding strength.

Note: Avoid attempts to slide the Mag Mount on the metal surface to which it is applied. Due to the strength of the magnets, this is difficult to do and can cause damage to the protective rubber on the bottom of the Mag Mount and subsequent scratching of your safe or other surfaces.

Warning! The magnets we use are extremely strong. Handle them with care to prevent personal injury and/or damage. Do not allow children to handle the Mag Mount. Magnets can cause serious damage to fingers if caught between magnet and metal surface. Those with pace-makers should take precautions when using strong magnets. Hang-AR cannot be held responsible for damage and/or injury caused from misuse of the products.


Clean and Care

Your Hang-AR System products need only be wiped down with a soft cloth and water to remove dirt and dust.  A mild cleaning detergent can be used if necessary.  Please be aware that any harsh chemical can damage the finish of the products.

Difference in Finish

Due to the unique nature of our antiqued blackening process, Hang-AR System product finishes may vary slightly between pieces. Differences in tone and texture are expected and lend to the beauty of our finished products.