What is Hang-AR, what does it do?

Hang-AR is a storage and display system designed specifically for AR-15 and AR-10 upper receivers. It allows you to securely hang and showcase your upper receivers, optimizing storage space and protecting them from damage.

Yes, Hang-AR is designed for versatile installation. It can be easily mounted on various wall types to suit your storage and display preferences. Customer is responsible for making their best judgement in regards to the proper screws to be used for their application.

Hang-AR includes a Hang-AR mount, locking pins, and a mounting peg. In the standard Hang-AR kit, there is a mounting peg that can be screwed onto your preferred wall. Then simply disengage your firearm’s upper from the lower by removing the pivot and takedown pins, insert the upper receiver into the mount, and secure it with the locking pins, screwing them in completely. Insert the Mount over the Peg and let it slide down to lock onto the peg. Please see our Instructions page on our website or the included package instructions for more details.

Currently our system is customized specifically to fit AR-15(M4) and AR-10 compatible uppers only.

Hang-AR allows the firearms owner to proudly display their uppers while keeping lowers safely in a secured location, such as a gun safe. This saves valuable space in the safe while providing an option for collectors to display the fruits of their hard work and investment. This means the collector doesn’t have to choose between safety or display.

The magnetic “Mag Mount” allows you to conveniently hang your upper receivers on the side of your gun safe. It’s a great option for conserving space and still having easy access to the upper and keeping it close to your other firearms parts.

Hang-AR is easy to maintain. Simply wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth as needed to keep it looking its best. Avoid harsh chemicals as it could impact the antiqued blackened finish.

There is a limited lifetime warranty against structural manufacturing defects on the primary components of the Hang-AR (Mount, Locking Pins, Peg). The finish is not warrantied.

Hang-AR is available for purchase through approved dealer and buying group relationships. See our website for a list of approved retailers.

Hang-AR welcomes new dealer relationships or we can guide you to appropriate buying group or distributor options. Please fill out our new dealer form on our website to get started and we’ll contact you with further information.