The Hang-AR System

Our innovative Hang-AR hanging system (patent pending) allows optics and other accessories to safely remain on the upper while being stored and displayed openly on a wall or side of a safe, while the lower can be stored securely in a gun safe. This conserves valuable real estate in the safe while showcasing the owner’s collection with elegance.

Standard Hang-AR Assembly

The primary Hang-AR components are machined aluminum and finished using an antiqued blackening process. The mounts come in a version for AR-15 and AR-10. They connect to the corresponding upper receiver via the pivot and takedown pin connectors where the upper and lower are connected while in use. The mount can be hung on any Hang-AR Mounting Peg, which offers flexible hanging options to the consumer. The peg in the standard kit was designed to be hung on any wall surface to which a screw can be installed.

The Mag Mount

The Mag Mount (magnetic mount) is sold separately. This option allows the Mounting Peg to be used on the side of a safe or other magnetic surface. This expands the hanging options for the consumer and allows uppers to be moved from wall display areas to safe sides and back again whenever the consumer desires.

The Slat Mount

The Slat Mount is sold separately. It was designed with the retailer and gunsmith in mind as it can be easily inserted into any standard slat wall and allow uppers to be hung vertically for more attractive and space-saving displays.